Do you want a mid-sized SUV that powers your experience while also saving you money on fuel cost? The popular Dodge Durango is the ultimate option when choosing which adventure to go on next. Whether you are hauling the kids or up to 6,200 lbs behind you, there will be no lack of power and zero desire to get out of the driver's seat once you have taken the Durango for a drive.

Reach fuel efficiency of up to 26 mpg highway while seating up to 7 people, all the while entertaining the whole crew with the most advanced entertainment system to date. What more could you ask for in the search for a mid-sized SUV than 293 horsepower and 7 different models of the Durango to choose from?

It's no secret that the Dodge Durango is great. Now the only thing left to try is to take one out for a test drive!

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